The Weather in Goa in December

Best time to visit Goa -Weather in December

A question frequently asked on travel forums is what’s Goa like in such and such month. We thought we would answer this on a month by month basis. For most, the weather just doesn’t get much better than Goa in December. It’s comfortably cool in the early morning and late evening with a  temperature of 16°C . […]

10 Scams to Avoid in Goa

Scams in Goa India

There are scams in every tourist destination. The good news is that you are unlikely to get seriously stung in Goa.  In no particular order here are ten tricks to watch out for: 1. BOTTLED WATER Anyone remember  ‘Peckham Spring Water’  from the BBC comedy  “Only Fools and Horses”?  Well, India were ahead of the game.  Just […]

How Much Should I Tip in Goa?


How much and who to tip is a personal decision.  We don’t always agree on this one ourselves, but there is some broad consensus on what may be appropriate in Goa. TIPPING BASICS India doesn’t have a strong tradition of tipping, but the practice is increasing and expectations are higher in tourist areas. In fact […]

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