The Weather in Goa in December

A question frequently asked on travel forums is what's Goa like in such and such month. We thought we would answer this on a month by month basis.

For most, the weather just doesn't get much better than Goa in December. It's comfortably cool in the early morning and late evening with a  temperature of 16°C .  In the day you can enjoy up to 11 hours of clear skies and sunshine with temperatures going to 32°C.   Yes it's  hot, but the gentle sea breeze makes it very pleasant indeed.  Due to the Great weather December is a popular month  for  weddings in  Goa.  It is also the peak tourist season and is lively with the locals celebrating Christmas. For those looking to escape the anxiety of a Westerner's Christmas (that'll be me!) don't worry you will only really notice Christmas if you look for it.

Fresh without humidity and rain

The light in Goa is beautiful and in December the beaches look at their whitest and the sea at its deepest blue.  Goa has a tropical climate, however humidity is at it's lowest in December and January.  Another bonus is that December is the start of 4 month period without rain so Goa is still  lush with greenery from the previous monsoon season. It is possible to catch the last drops of the rain at the beginning of December, but nothing more than quick shower.

Sunsets, sea temperatures and breeze

The sun rises at approximately 6:45  and sets over the Arabian sea at around 18:00. The sea temperature is  28.2°C which is great for swimming and paddling. You do have to be careful of undercurrents, but lifeguards are many and the water is largely calm . Wind speeds are at the lowest in December, but there's enough breeze and heat to completely dry any wet swimwear in 20 mins.


In terms of accommodation, your experience will greatly depend on the nature of the building and its position to the sun. However, with  the cool evenings air conditioned accommodation is often not needed. In our shaded apartment we feel more comfortable in December wearing a fleece until later in the morning.

Goa in December and January is perfect for the weather, but if you are on a tight budget or like more solitude November, February, March and April may suit you better.


As always, we would love to hear of your thoughts or experiences.

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